Don’t lose the newlywed game - how to clean and preserve your wedding dress

Don’t lose the newlywed game – how to clean and preserve your wedding dress

Don’t lose the newlywed game – how to clean and preserve your wedding dress

If you’re like most brides, you spent a small fortune on your wedding dress. You may even want to take it out of the closet one day to see if it still fits (fingers crossed!), pass it along to your daughter or niece, or sell it. While it may seem like you have more important things to focus on after your big day, you’ll thank yourself for taking care of this cherished keepsake after saying “I do.”

Although you’ve only worn it one day, your dress will have as much fun as you do during the celebration. The bottom may be dirty from dancing, a little sweaty from hugging friends and family, and have a spot or two from the champagne toast. Left untreated, the fabric will break down and turn yellow with time. To keep looking gorgeous, clean and preserve it with a professional wedding dress cleaner, like Fox Cleaners in the Tulsa area, which delicately cares for and preserves silks, satins, fine lace and beading.

Dry clean only!

Before doing anything, take a look at the garment label on the dress. It will have specific instructions about how to care for it, such as, “Dry clean only with petroleum solvent,” or “Hand clean.” Don’t ignore the label. The designer or seamstress had the most delicate fabric on the dress in mind when he or she wrote the label so that it will not get damaged. When you bring it in, talk to the professional dry cleaner about the label instructions to make sure they have the right cleaning solutions

As Important as the Cake and Flowers

Brides often wait months to take their dress to the cleaners to have it washed and preserved. By then, stains may have had enough time to set on the fabric. So, as you’re ordering your cake and flowers for the big day, don’t forget to get referrals for a great dry cleaner so you’re ready to clean your dress right after the wedding. Bring the dress to the cleaners and interview them about the process they use for the specific fabrics and beading in your gown. Learn about the solutions they’ll use to preserve it. If you’re going on a long honeymoon, consider asking your maid of honor or relative to drop it off at the cleaners you’ve chosen, and talk to the cleaners in advance about storing it until you return.

The Wedding Dress Cleaning process

The professional wedding–gown cleaners will inspect the dress and identify stains or damage. They’ll look at the unique detailing, like the lace and beads. They’ll also test a small area first to ensure it’s safe for cleaning with particular solutions.

They will then spot-clean difficult stains like wine and dirt and place it in a protective bag. The professional cleaners will either wet or dry clean the dress, depending on the label and your instructions.

After cleaning, they’ll inspect the gown for remaining stains and re-attach any beading that was removed. Finally, the technician will wrap the dress in acid-free tissue and pack it in a sealed box for preservation. The box will help prevent the dress from aging, yellowing and help preserve it for the future.

Store the Wedding Dress in a Cool, Dark Place

Store your preserved wedding dress away from direct sunlight which can cause the fabric to fade. The best place is a cool, dark closet where it can stay, untouched, for several years.

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