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Life’s better when it’s clean and stain–free.

At Fox Cleaners, we believe your clothes are a reflection of you. That’s why our stain-removal specialists work hard to gently remove your toughest spots, stains and blemishes with our professional stain–removal process and a little TLC. Most stains are included with your service but occasionally some stains require a bit more finesse and result in an upcharge. On rare occasions, there are some stains that not even our stain–removal experts can’t conquer. When this happens, we’ll let you know we tried our best and will return your garment. To experience our stain experts’ handiwork, simply visit our 41st and Harvard location, or schedule a pickup throughout Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Owasso and Catoosa by loging in, using our apps or calling to find out for yourself.

Stain & SPot–Removal Prices

  • Normal Stains, Spots, Blemishes
    Normal Stains, Spots, Blemishes Included
  • Hard–to–Clean Stains*
    Hard–to–Clean Stains* 50% More
  • Impossible Stains**
    Impossible Stains** Returned to You, 50% More

*The difference between a hard-to-clean stain is determined by the amount and type of stain, as well as the need to separate it from other garments. 

**These are the stains even our stain master can’t conquer. We return these to you.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 918-973-4FOX (4369) for questions regarding our stain prices.

5 Most Common Stains

Our stain–removal experts are trained in the art of stain removal. They specialize in treating all types of stains, spots, blemishes, and soils throughout the Tulsa area including coffee, tea, wine, sweat, grass, mud, blood, vomit, grease, oil, food, feces and more. The most common stains we see are coffee, sweat, grass, wine and dirt. If you’ve stained your favorite garment with these or another substance, don’t to try to remove it yourself. Instead, drop by, give us a call or schedule a pickup so we can keep the stain from becoming permanent and restore the item back to its original glory.

Coffee stain removal


Coffee is difficult to remove due to tannins (natural occurring vegetable dye), added substances and hot temperature. The heat of the beverage “opens up” the fiber and allows it to penetrate and bond with the fabric.

To ensure hot beverages don’t permanently bond and set, let our stain master and trained stain-removal experts handle your coffee and tea stains. Stop by or schedule a pickup.

Sweat stain removal


Sweat stains contain proteins that cause a chemical reaction with the aluminum present in most types of deodorant. IF LEFT UNATTENDED, SWEAT STAINS CAN DISCOLOR AND WEAKEN FABRIC.

To ensure sweat and chemicals don’t discolor your garment indefinitely, let our stain master and trained stain-removal experts handle your sweat and organic stains. Stop by or schedule a pickup.

Grass stain removal


The bright green chlorophyll and other pigments have A similar structure to most fabrics. This means they penetrate and bond with the fabric Easily, making them hard to get out.

To ensure that grass doesn’t penetrate and permanently bond with your clothes’ fibers, let our stain master and trained stain-removal experts handle your grass stains. Stop by or schedule a pickup.

Wine stain removal


Tannin is a natural occurring vegetable dye found in many plants, especially grape skins. This pigment soaks into fibers and begins to set almost right away.

To ensure the tannin doesn’t set indefinately, let our stain master and trained stain-removal experts handle your wine and alcohol stains. Stop by or schedule a pickup.

Dirt and mud stain removal


Because of its dark color, decomposed organic matter and ability to cling to fabrics, dirt can be tough to remove. Especially if you add water, which will only push the soil deeper into the fibers.

To ensure dirt doesn’t permanently bond with your fabrics, let our stain master and trained stain-removal experts handle your dirt and mud stains. Stop by or schedule a pickup.

Meet our Stain–Removal Experts

Cesar Bustamante Stain Removal Expert

Cesar Bustamante
aka. Stain Master

"Stain removal is my passion. I take great pride in a perfectly clean, blemish-free, finished product. My team of trained stain–removal specialists always does everything they can to give our customers the best stain removal services in Tulsa."

As production manager, Cesar does a remarkable job of maintaining and familiarizing himself with all of our equipment and the latest stain removal techniques and tricks so he can provide the best stain removal services in Tulsa. His love and commitment to his Fox family echoes the love and commitment he has to his own wife and children and we at Fox are blessed to have him as such an integral part of our team.

Stain removal team Tulsa

Our Top Stain Removal Tip

Don't try to remove the stain yourself. This often drives the stain deeper into the fibers and if exposed to heat, like from your clothes dryer, permanently sets the stain. Instead, he recommends bringing it in to the stain experts as soon as possible.

Our Stain and Spot Removal Process

Prelim Inspection

Spot & Stain Inspection

Our stain-removal specialists thoroughly inspect and recheck every item for stains, blemishes, and spots. They flag each item and set them aside to receive special care.

Stain Storting

by Stain

Our stain experts, under the direction of Cesar, our stain master, separate the items based on the type of stain. From grease/oil, to food, to perspiration, to blood, to dirt, we treat each stain based on its unique properties.

Eco-friendly stain treatment


Our stain master treats each spot with the appropriate corresponding stain–removal treatment. These are tough on stains, but gentle enough for your most delicate fabrics.


Steam Treatment

Then, our stain specialists place each treated item under hot steam. This loosens, gently breaks and releases the bonds that cause stains from the fabric’s fibers.

Stain Removal_1

& Dry

We double check each stain to ensure it’s properly removed and repeat as necessary. Then, we proceed with washing, dry cleaning, wet cleaning and drying the garment so it looks like new.


Cesar, our stain master, tries his best to remove even the most stubborn of stains and will treat the most hard-to-clean blemishes multiple times. Unfortunately, there are some stains even our stain master can’t conquer. His ability to remove stains often depends on how long the stain’s set in the  fabric, the type of substance, and if the garment was exposed to heat.

Depending on the type of stain, we typically only keep garments 1 extra day if needed, meaning we’ll return your item within a week.

Sometimes a delicate garment that says “Dry Clean Only” needs to be wet cleaned in order to remove stains and odor. This may cause the garment to shrink, have water spots, or can change the texture of fabric. So, our stain master uses this technique only as a last resort, and only with a customer’s verbal approval.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?  If so, contact us at [email protected] or call 918-973-4FOX (4369).

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