National Clothesline interviews Fox Cleaners

TULSA – When a National Clothesline reporter asked Maggie Fox of Tulsa why she would buy a dry cleaners without any experience in the industry, she replied, “Everything in my bones told me it was the right thing to do for me and my family.” There’s no doubt about that.Since she took over Fox Cleaners in 2016, Maggie has literally “cleaned house”, by upgrading three out of five stores, investing in new Eco-green cleaning technology, buying new delivery vehicles, providing new convenient services for customers online and with the Fox Cleaners app, and even creating a new tagline, “Life is better when it’s clean.” She not only cleaned house but also turned around the languishing business.

One thing she hasn’t changed is most of the staff. Maggie says her employees, some who have been there since the dry cleaners opened in 1984, are the backbone of her business. They are like a family and have great relationships with her customers, Fox told National Clothesline. “We have a lot of amazing people.”

But this is more than a story about a woman who wanted to run a dry cleaning business. Maggie Fox was inspired by her late husband, who used to own the business, as well as supported by her current husband. Read more of Maggie Fox’s incredible story in National Clothesline.

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