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How to Find a Great Dry Cleaner

People usually pick a dry cleaner closest to them without giving it a second thought. The truth is, choosing the wrong one can cost you in the end. Not just monetarily. It can cost you time, peace of mind, and even your health. That’s why you should look at reviews, consider the kind of services you need, and explore earth-friendly cleaners. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

Your Needs

Write down a list of your needs. Do you need one-time cleaning for large items like bed comforters, linens, a wedding dress or tuxedo? Or do you need weekly cleaning for work clothes? Do you need late-night pick up and drop off? Do you need a delivery service? Maybe you’re on a tight budget. Maybe you need your clothes washed and folded for you and other clothes mended. With your list in hand, you can narrow down your choices of qualified cleaners quickly, because many don’t offer all of those services.


Experience counts. Look for dry cleaners that have been in business several years. While anyone can open a dry-cleaning business, only the good ones with excellent service and quality will stay in business for a long time.

In fact, take the time to visit the dry cleaner and quiz their experts about how they handle delicate fabrics, dark stains, rips and tears. The staff can tell you the type of cleaning required for your clothes and the time it will take. The experts there can also offer different, safer treatments. Read their policies about damaged and lost items. Ask them if they use environmentally safe solutions and equipment, because that can make a huge difference in your health down the road. Places like Fox Cleaners in the Tulsa Metro has nontoxic cleaning alternatives to harsh chemicals. Fox Cleaners also offers environmentally friendly and health-safe professional wet cleaning.


Ask around. Where do your friends and neighbors take their dry cleaning? Consider getting a recommendation from your favorite fine clothing stores in the area. Sales clerks will be able to tell you who they trust to clean and repair clothes and shoes. Finally, Google the business to read reviews online. People are usually honest in their online comments. Notice if the dry cleaner has taken the time to reply and solve their problems. That means the cleaner is responsive and cares about customer satisfaction. Reputation is a key consideration when choosing a professional dry-cleaning service.

Price vs. Value

Price is often a prime factor in your choice of dry cleaners. Low costs may be an attractive, but don’t compromise on quality. Don’t be fooled by high prices either. Expensive does not always equal a better experience. These days you can easily comparison shop prices online.

Added Perks

Check what added perks the dry cleaner provides. Some offer green cleaning, free pick up and delivery, tailoring and repairs, household item cleaning (like curtains and furniture covers), specialty items (like fine silks and beaded clothing,) uniform cleaning, wet cleaning, and wash and fold.

The Bottom Line

A professional dry cleaner like Fox Cleaners will always stand behind their work. It will guarantee quality service at an affordable price. It will also offer many types of services to keep this boring chore convenient, easy and affordable.

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